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EU Referendum

On Thursday 23rd June 2016 polling stations open for us us to decide whether to vote to remain or to leave the European Union – a decision that will shape our country politically, economically and socially for generations to come.

GMB Union have taken a position of ‘angry yes’. We know the EU isn’t perfect, there are plenty of problems with it, but so many of the rights we’ve fought for over the years are guaranteed by Europe. So we’ll fight to make Europe a Europe that works, for working people and not big businesses, but we can only do that from within and not by leaving. There’s too much at risk.

We understand that not everyone has made made up their mind, and so GMB is trying to find as many ways as possible for members to access the information to help. You can visit our website where you will find FAQs and resources. GMB Milton Keynes City branch have also accepted an invitation to present our position on the EU at a local Referendum Event (hosted by MK Labour Party), the details of which are below:

EU Referendum Event

Date: Saturday 21st May

Time: 11am

Venue: The Venue MK, Walton High, Hindhead Knoll, MK7 7WH

RSVP via this link or email

Posted: 19th May 2016

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