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Local support during the coronavirus pandemic

GMB Milton Keynes Branch have just taken stock of hand sanitiser and hygiene hook keyrings. We will also shortly be receiving some face masks (source control masks – not PPE and so should not be used by healthcare workers).
The Branch Committee also recently pledged to support the Covid-19 MK Emergency Response Appeal with a donation of £1000. We are grateful for all the work that key agencies are doing in MK to support our members and those who might be finding things difficult during this challenging time.

The hand sanitiser is made to the WHO recommended formulation, containing 75% Isopropanol (other ingredients: glycerol, hydrogen peroxide and water).

Hygiene hook keyrings can be used to open pull¬†doors and cupboards, with the point on the end used for entering numbers on card machines or key safes….which makes these great for care workers.

If you are a GMB member in a Key Worker role (or a role where you will be expected to return to the workplace) and are in need of any of these items please contact us.

Please consider that we have limited supplies and these are not intended to replace the products already supplied by your employer. Therefore we will prioritise distribution based on the need of the individual.


Posted: 29th May 2020

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