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Milton Keynes branch supports the Osime Brown campaign

The Milton Keynes branch of GMB Union voted unanimously to accept a motion calling for us to promote and support the Osime Brown campaign

GMB Workplace Organiser Andy Forse proposed the motion at the branch meeting in May. Speaking on the motion Andy gave a comprehensive background to Osime Brown’s case and the subsequent campaign which seeks to prevent his deportation.

The full motion is available to see below, and includes links to a petition which we encourage members to sign and share. In addition to the motion below the branch has also donated £200 to the campaign.

Title: Osime Brown campaign

Proposed: Andy Forse
Seconded: Dennis Brett

This Branch Notes:

1. Osime Brown is a young, autistic, learning-disabled man who was imprisoned as a
teenager under a ‘joint enterprise’ conviction for a crime he did not commit. He now
faces deportation to Jamaica, a country he left at the age of four and where he has
no friends, family or support networks. Osime has suffered racist abuse and become
seriously ill while in prison.

Osime’s case is under review and the case is expected to reach a decision in June.

2. In October, Osime was originally due to be transferred to a detention facility, but
thanks to mass action and legal protest, was allowed to return home to his family.
The deportation order still stands.


1. That Osime’s case highlights the racist, anti-immigrant, ableist discrimination that
continues under this hostile environment of this Conservative government.


We resolve to support Osime Brown’s campaign to overturn his conviction and his
deportation order, and specifically to:

I. Promote the case to our members and make campaign materials available
II. Write to the GMB regional and central executives informing them of the support for
this motion
III. Write to our local MP, from the Branch asking them to demand the Home Office
review the case
IV. Support any further demonstrations or action that the campaign calls
V. Encourage members to sign and share the petition:

Posted: 9th June 2021

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