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Trade Union Bill + TUC Lobby & Rally

The Trade Union Bill represents a fundamental attack on the rights of trade unions and workers. It is an ideologically driven challenge – by the Conservative government – to some of our most basic rights, which seeks to undermine workers’ freedom to take action against poor employers and their terms.

The proposals are wide-ranging; they include changes to strike ballot thresholds, the use of agency workers to cover strike action, and the removal of check-off (paying union subs direct from wages) in the public sector. More information on the threats posed by the bill can be found on the TUC’s page TUBill15.

GMB are not prepared to see our member’s hard-fought rights disappear at the whim of a Conservative government which represents big business and the grossly wealthy; we stand for the majority. Many people in this country are struggling, and will continue to struggle, without the collective strength of their union.

GMB and the TUC have produced a wealth evidence that shows that the bill is completely unnecessary and unfit for purpose, but to no avail. Therefore, the TUC and its affiliated trade unions are holding a lobby and rally against the TU Bill on Monday 2nd November 2015. “This is a big opportunity to make sure MPs hear directly from people who are worried that the bill will undermine the right to strike and risk public safety and service quality. We’ll meet up at Central Hall in Westminster to hear some inspirational speakers, and then in groups head off to the House of Commons to meet our MPs and explain why they should vote against the bill. The rally will kick off at 1pm and the lobby at 2.30pm.” – TUC

It is particularly important that we ensure a high level of attendance from members that have a Conservative MP, which is the case for both MK North and MK South constituencies. If you would like to attend the rally and then lobby your MP please visit this page for more information. Alternatively you can contact our Branch Political Officer, whose details can be found on the Contact Us page of this website.

Posted: 19th October 2015

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