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Local Government & Schools NJC Pay Claim 2022/23

7 June 2022

The joint union NJC Pay Claim for 2022 has now been submitted to employers.

The results of GMB Londons’ recent survey of members pay needs made an important contribution to this years pay claim. Members clearly told us that any pay increase should be no less than the rate of inflation and that they wanted to be recognised for the extraordinary work they did throughout the pandemic, by way of a bonus payment. Both elements are now part of this years pay claim and GMB will be campaigning for these in the coming months.

In addition to this, GMB adopted a position nationally with the other Unions, that Term Time Only contracts should be reviewed, or consideration given to retainer payments for school support staff. This is because it is difficult for many members to make approximately 44 weeks wages stretch over 52.

The cost of living crisis was a big consideration in the pay claim and consequently the claim calls for a review of mileage rates and the possible introduction of a homeworking allowance, in light of rising fuel and energy costs.

GMBs National Committees agreed that GMB’s claim would be for; an increase of no less than RPI; a Covid recognition payment, review of term time only contracts and consideration of retainers; a reduction in the working week (without loss of pay) to 35 hours (34 hours in London); a review of mileage rates.

GMB presented this claim to Unison and Unite in discussions to agree this year’s joint union pay claim and the final pay claim, as agreed by all three unions,has now been submitted. The claim is for:

 A headline claim of an increase of £2,000 on each pay point, or of the current RPI rate,
whichever is the greater
 A Covid-19 recognition payment
 Review of term time only contracts and consideration of retainers
 Reduction in the working week (without loss of pay) to 35 hours (34 in London)
 One additional day of annual leave across the board
 Introduction of a home working allowance for all staff who are working from home
 A national minimum agreement on homeworking policies for all councils
 A separate urgent review of all mileage rates currently applying

Employers will now consider the pay claim ahead of pay negotiations starting.

In 2019 the Employer introduced a new pay scheme designed to “get ahead” of the National Living Wage but it has now fallen woefully short of this objective as NJC SCPs 1-3 now all fall below the £9.90 UK Foundation Living Wage rate and SCP 1 is the same as the National Living Wage. Whist the Employer is seeking to ensure it is compliant with the National Living Wage, GMB will be campaigning to ensure all GMB members are paid no less than the UK Foundation Living Wage. Ultimately though, GMB is calling on Central Government to fund a proper pay rise to lift Local Government and School workers away from the National Living wage and hopes that the Employer will support this. Working people cannot keep picking up the bill of Government funding cuts through reduced services and reduced wages. Local Government and School workers deserve the dignity to be recognised and rewarded with a real terms pay increase and nothing less.

To find out more on how you can become involved with any part of GMB Londons pay campaign, whether it is the review of Term Time Only contracts or the Real Living Wage, please email

Posted: 9th June 2022

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