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AET Update – ACAS talks and confidential staff survey

GMB and the recognised trade unions have put together a joint survey for school leaders, classroom teachers and support staff to determine their views of how effective they feel the Trust is in running their schools and the impact their decisions have on their schools.

AET currently operate two schools in Milton Keynes, Sir Herbert Leon Academy and Charles Warren Academy.

The trade unions have registered a ‘failure to agree’ which has triggered further talks at ACAS over the following actions by the Trust:

  • Imposition of cuts in frontline support staff across schools, including HR and Finance staff and the recent estates cuts – with even deeper cuts being pushed by AET in its London schools.
  • As this is a joint survey teachers’ are questioning pay progression by AET  – last year just 52% of eligible teachers achieved pay progression yet according to AET’s accounts the Chief Executive total remuneration for the year to the 31st August was between £290,000 and £295,000
  • Outsourcing of ICT against the wishes of schools and in breach of the ACAS process.
  • AET’s refusal to let the unions and schools have full details of the recent bailout it had from the Education and Skills Funding Agency. We are clear that this is public money and schools, unions and parents have a right to know.

The survey has been compiled to test the depth of staff feeling over these issues in order to help inform further discussions with the employer. Please complete the survey and encourage your colleagues to do so by following this link:

A joint statement from GMB and the recognised trade unions is also attached for your information:

Joint Unions’ Bulletin with Survey

Posted: 8th May 2019

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